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Certificate Number : QS 167432 WA
Organization : PT. TUKADMAS GC
 Scope : General Construction: Highways, Link Roads; Airports and Runways; Bridges; Fly Overs; Tunnels; Subways; Railways; City Drainages; Barrages; Irrigations and Drainages; Dams; Rivers; Marshes and Coasts; Sea Ports or Wharves; Rice Field Producing and Land Clearings; Water Treatments; Waste Water Treatment Installations; Plumbings; Clean/Waste Water Pipings; Ground Water Drillings
Application Standard : ISO 9001:2008
NACE : F 45.23
Certificate Status
Certificate Date : 26 June 2015
Recertificate Date : 26 June 2016
Serial : 5149
Status : Granted